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About Us

The effect of the unending conflicts and the huge number of orphaned children in South Sudan today, has not only retarded the human development of the youth, but also their moral behaviours. Most young people today in South Sudan are seen in misconducts like: crimes, early marriages, smoking, drinking alcohol, sexual misbehaviours, outlaws, stealing, watching night videos, fighting, disrespect towards elders, loss of culture, HIV/AIDS positives, abortions etc.

Shalom Christian Organization rescue's vulnerable youth through rehabilitation, conflict resolution, counselling and schooling. Youth are taught informal skills like music, carpentry, mechanic, tailoring, and craft in art, agriculture and sports. They are taught to promote peace through their deeds and actions. They are also taught to be good leaders who are God fearing.

"Our work is to provide conducive atmosphere to grow and develop and ensure that the youth participates meaningfully in the development of the independent South Sudan"

Founder, His Lordship Barani Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala

Our Story

Shalom Christian Organization (SCO) was founded in 2014 by His lordship Barani Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio, South Sudan. Prior to getting registered as a Church non-governmental organization on the 22nd Feb.2019, with name Shalom Christian Organization, it was initially called Shalom Movement.

It began as a small movement for a group of young people of both genders aged from 5-20 and later from 20-25, aiming at advocating for peace, solidarity, social justice and holistic human development for the victims of conflicts in the Republic of South Sudan, particularly in Western Equatoria State and also to empower them to be resilient.

Shalom was born in Curia, Yambio, the diocese’s administrative centre with an initial number of 200 children; 120 girls and 80 boys who were gathering every evening of week days and weekends for their activities led by a youth animator. The organization is for all Christians, it does not discriminate any religion. For this reason, it was called a Christian Organization. Since it is now a national organization with its head office in Yambio, Western Equatoria, it is aiming to extend branches to other States in the nearest future.

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Core Values

Ethical leadership

SCO will remain transparent, open, and accountable to all our stakeholders and in all our dealings.

Responsible Stewardship

SCO will seek best value for money in all our projects and remain responsible to our development partners, beneficiaries, donors and other stakeholders.

Social Justice

SCO advocates for fairness as part of its values and ideals.


SCO seeks to engage best talent devoid of tribe, state, race and religious affiliation.

Child protection

SCO remains aware of children’s rights, and values human dignity with concern for the less fortunate.

Innovation and Learning

SCO constantly seeks to improve its capabilities and learning so that we can always be best placed to effectively advocate for peace.
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We can’t help everyone,
but everyone can help someone